Osmo is a gaming company, creating products which expand the playing field and engage creative thinking and social interaction - changing the way we interact with our digital products. 



We were hired to reimagine Osmo's Main Product Video introducing their inaugural product Osmo, a learning platform for the iPad. We were tasked with creating a video storyboard that would convert users better than the previous video.


As a group we outlined the storyboard as a whole.  We then divided the video into three sections, each taking control of one section.  I was in charge of frames 9 through 20 containing the games Numbers, Newton, and Masterpiece.


The Improvements  

The client wanted us to implement three main improvements:

1. Feature all current products - Newton, Words, Tangram, Numbers, and Masterpiece

2. Evoke emotion in target audience (parents and grandparents) - move from awareness to desire in the AIDA model, answer the questions "Is this right for my child? How will we benefit from this?"

3. Instruct on how Osmo works - demonstrate user age range 5-13 yrs





  1. Research current media on Osmo’s website:

    • Research the current Osmo media to further understand the target audience for their products and align storyboard with Osmo’s vision
  2. Synthesizing findings

    • Analyze our findings from their videos and design a storyboard concept for their new video
  3. Validate & Iterate

    • Present client with storyboard outlines for testing 
  4. Create Found Footage Storyboard

    • Using the information revealed from user testing, we will make design recommendations and attempt to address them in the storyboard, using the Resistance Flow as a guide
  5. Create Final Storyboard

    • Revised prototype and specifications for Osmo


Storyboard Brainstorm and Product Testing


We created our storyboard with the following in mind:

Target audience for video: parents + grandparents

User Age Range: 5-13 yrs

Product Key Features:

NEWTON: Hardest for parents to understand; they like that any object will work with it, lowest retention

WORDS: Teaches spelling, different kinds of play for different ages, group play

TANGRAM: Highest retention, teaches spatial awareness

MASTERPIECE: Older audience, solo play, insta-buy

NUMBERS: solo play, insta-buy, Quote from teacher: “Kid learned more in 5 min than in an hour of lecture.”



Final Storyboard